Develop a clear picture of your growing group’s operational practices. Identify Farms growing to your standard and invest in their Regen journey.

Ensure Healthy Soil by Tracking Crop Rotations

Rotations are at the core of farm data and provide the greatest opportunity to ensure healthy, supportive and high-quality crops are grown through regenerative practices.​

Our tool ensures diversity in agriculture, creating resilient businesses and de-risking your supply chain. ​

Operations tracking allows for measurable influence on key farming practices

Soils are at the core of a Farm. How these are handled greatly influences the long term prosperity of the crops grown.

Through an approach of operations tracking and industry standard metric our tool creates a clear picture of your Grower groups operations. Providing a clear path for the Regenerative journey. 

Enable Agile Partnerships through Configurable Surveys

Agility in the ever-changing world of Sustainability is key to react to customer trends, new standards and legislation. Flexible Surveys bolt-on to core data sets, allowing for tailored analysis suited to your end market. 

“My End customers are trending towards purchasing Organic products, how can I react and evaluate my supply chain?”

“We are considering an investment fund for Farmers looking to move to on-farm sources of fertiliser, how do I know where to target the investment?”

Showcasing Partnership Performance Over Time to Stakeholders 

The effect of Partnership Programmes can be measured over time to ensure programmatic gains are realised 

Integrating related datasets such as field operations will ensure improvements in Practices are not detrimentally affecting key metrics

Setting the path for future analytical capability of inter-related datasets from across the supply chain

"I need to know that my partner is committed to achieving our long-term goals"

"I need to invest in my Target Carbon reduction by focussing on the most effective Practices"

Emissions Reporting to Ensure Practice Changes Lead to Measurable Outcomes

On-farm data holds the key to unlocking true supply chain sustainability, but it is chaotic, un-verified and hard to reach

Frontiers’ customer relationships and extensive data systems allow accurate, timely reporting of supply chain data

Measuring Scope 3 emissions not only allows simple Carbon accounting but ensures Partnership Programmes are contributing to CO2e reduction

“I want to see metric progression over time, so we can ensure the changes we’re making are driving improvement overall”

“I want to know what the biggest contributing factors were, so that we can focus our efforts on reducing them”